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Skiing, an adrenaline-fuelled descent down a snow-capped peak attached to nothing but two little bits of plastic. Sounds fun, right? But with so many snowy mountains in the world, it’s hard to decide which to choose for your next snow sport holiday. We’ve done all the research for you and picked our favourites for powder, facilities, slope action and off-piste activities, so all you have to do is book.

A major player on the slope scene, North America is a great destination for all your icy adventures. Our particular recommendations are the luxuriously star-studded ranges of Aspen in Colorado and Canada’s Alberta and British Columbia. Aspen contains four major ski areas jointly referred to as the Aspen Snowmass, with the longest run being more than nine miles long. British Columbia on the other hand is home to the world-famous Whistler, one of the largest ski resorts in North America, while Alberta lists Lake Louise as one of its top destinations for snow-based activities.

While America has its charms, why look further than your own continental front yard? Europe is well-known as one of the top ski and snow sport destinations in the world. Among its (metaphorical) hot spots are France, Switzerland and Italy. For a superb alpine holiday in France, Val Disere, L Alpe and La Plagne provide unrivalled luxury and quality in accommodations as well as the slopes. Switzerland has more than 100 peaks higher than 13,000 feet so you’ll be spoilt for choice, but we recommend Verbier and St Moritz. Although Italy is the lesser known of its neighbouring resorts, its laid-back vibe and atmosphere of fun rather than rivalling skill makes regions such as Cervinia and the Dolomites the perfect spot for beginners.

For excursions further afield, the snow-covered mountains in the North of Japan’s Hokkaido and Honshu islands are packed with dreamy downward runs while China has some beautifully undiscovered resorts in Beijing, Inner Mongolia and the Sichuan Province.


Although they’re rare with guides and instructors keeping an eagle eye out for your safety at all resort, accidents do happen. We therefore recommend taking out fully comprehensive snow sports insurance for any ski holiday. Particularly for pros planning daring escapades on the slopes, check the Ts&Cs to make sure that your insurance covers off-piste accidents.
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