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Kids' Club

We know that going on holiday with the little ones in tow can make things complicated. After all, how are you supposed to keep them entertained when the weather hasn’t gone to plan or make sure that they find something small-sized to eat in the restaurant? With families at our core we’ve got a whole host of like-minded hotels on our books which cater for young guests with excellent child-specific facilities, such as kids’ clubs.

The benefits of choosing a resort with a kids’ club are simply endless. Not only do they take the stress off parents, allowing them to truly enjoy their getaway time but they also ensure there is always something to keep your little angels occupied and out of mischief. Better yet, included in many kids’ clubs are little extras such as kids’ menus, activity packs and local attraction passes, all of which will make your holiday such a relaxed experience, you’ll have nothing to do but enjoy quality time together and make memories to last a lifetime.

Another great part of a kids’ club is its ability to make education entertaining as many offer fun-filled cultural immersion activities which allow children to explore and learn about the country they’re visiting, in a safe and supervised environment.


Particular resort chains that are renowned for their Kids’ Clubs are the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and Disney hotels. While others may not necessarily offer a specific club, you’ll find that almost every family-friendly accommodation has some child-oriented programmes, facilities and activities to make your stay a breeze.
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