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If you’re on the hunt for the ideal golfing destination, we’ve got you covered down to a ‘tee’. So, pack your clubs, grab your chinos and get ready for a leisurely swing on some of the world’s most luxurious greenery.
Whether you’re in the mood for a short weekend away with your golfing buddies, looking to seal the deal on the fairways with a corporate trip, or just want a quiet afternoon alone during your family holiday, there are so many destinations that will cater to your needs. Think Florida, Cape Town and beautiful areas of the Caribbean.
The Paris Country Club, the Aphrodite Hills Resort in Cyprus and Monte Rei Golf & Country Club in Portugal are among some of the best in Europe, perfect for a short getaway on the greenest of luxury courses. Of, if you want to go across the pond for a longer excursion, head to Naples, Riveria Maya or Hawaii for a game underneath the beaming American sunshine.
If you’re not confident on the fairways, golf instructors are sure to be on hand wherever you go to assist you in learning the ropes. Or, before you tackle a game on the greens, why not test your skills with a golf simulator? It’s just like the real thing!


If your equipment is looking a little tired, why not treat yourself on holiday to a brand-new set of clubs? Most courses that are part of a resort offer an on-site store where you can get kitted out with the latest tools and clothing that are sure to give you the confidence to be on top of your game.
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