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Charlie Franklin

Graphic Designer
For me there is nothing better than travel. Whether it’s going back to a place where you have been before, exploring new lands and cultures or sailing on a cruise ship and discovering a different port every day, it is always exciting.  

My hand luggage essentials are…
my Bose noise cancelling headphones 
The first song on my travel playlist is… the first one on shuffle  
After dark, I like to… find a bar with a view
My desert island item is…a boat? Can't stay in the same place for too long! 
Number one on my bucket list is…Swim with sting rays  
My next holiday is to… Las Vegas



  • Hold luggage or carry-on? Carry on  
  • Water sports or afternoon golf? Water sports  
  • Fine dining or rooftop bar? Rooftop bar
  • Family fun or a few days with the lads/girls?A few days with the lads 

  • Spa treatment or sightseeing? Sightseeing
  • Night out or evening in? Night out 
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Charlie Franklin

Places Charlie Franklin has visited

New York City

No matter what time you get there, drop your bags in your room and head straight out, it’s the city that never sleeps after all!


I was only there for a day but it was amazing. I took a guided snorkelling tour to see the sights of the Belize Barrier Reef and it did not disappoint.


A place that I find myself in again and again. It’s perfect for people who want a combined city and beach brake. There is so much to see and do, there is certainly no time to get bored.

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