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The 5 most Instagrammable restaurants in Barbados

  • Food & Wine
  • By Kiri Gordon
  • Published 07 February 2023
  • Revised 06 March 2023

Let’s face it, one of the best parts of planning your holiday is deciding what you want to eat for the duration. Holidays are all about trying new cuisines, flavours, and sampling the most exotic drinks. And, of course, taking the best shots to post on Instagram. 

Instagram is all about inspiration and aspiration, and that’s precisely what you’ll get at the island’s restaurants. So, if dining out in Barbados is at the top of your bucket-list, be sure to browse the artiest and most vibrant Bajan dishes available - sure to make your followers drool all over your main grid. 

Book a luxury holiday to Barbados and get ready to explore the richest fine-dining food in the Caribbean. 

Enjoy contemporary dining at L’Acajou at Sandy Lane

L’Acajou at Sandy Lane is the epitome of decadence and class. Recreate some of the poses from the famous faces that have graced Sandy Lane with their presence.

The hotel's signature restaurant has a glorious location on the beachfront, perfect for that classic candid shot holding a glass of wine and staring out to sea. Expect fine art on a plate with every dish, featuring a blend of gourmet Mediterranean and French-inspired fare. 

Perfect picture ideas:

The Decor

  • Pose in the entrance of the restaurant under the massive stone arch 
  • Get a group pic under the majestic chandelier in the entranceway 
  • Do a full shot in the arch in the walkway, which is lit up with a turquoise light with the tree-laden background of the outside patio space 
  • Boomerang on the balcony with the sun setting over the ocean 
  • Snap your oversized plush chair raising a glass of vintage wine 
  • Take a wistful candid by the water fountain

The Food 
  • The fondant potato gnocchi is a main grid moment 
  • Frothy scallop starters are a showstopper 
  • The Sous Vide pheasant breast is a masterpiece 
  • Try the bourbon creme brulee for the most impressive-looking dessert 
  • The gin and tonic baked Alaska will get people taking in your comments 

Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane

Foodies delight at The Camelot at Cobblers Cove

The ultimate Instagram restaurant in Barbados is the Camelot at Cobblers Cove. Famous for its gorgeous seafront setting and fresh produce, it serves up some of the most decadent fine-dining on the island.

Your taste buds will be fully tantilised at the weekly bbq and the weekly seafood night. Serving up the most succulent meats and exquisite seafood dishes as well as a wide variety of vegan and veggie options, all from the most stunning spots on the coast.

Perfect picture ideas:

The Decor

  • Group snaps on the terrace with all white crisp chairs, plates, and cover
  • Take a candid shot with the twinkling ocean as the background 
  • Book the private pavilion fire lights to create the mood 

The Food 
  • Impress your followers with the Lobster tagliatelle
  • The pistachio-crusted lamb is pure Picasso 
  • The homemade truffles are an Insta-delight 

Cobblers Cove

Cobblers Cove
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Innovative dishes at Palm Terrace Restaurant at Fairmont Royal Pavilion

The views across the endless ocean waves are what make the Palm Terrace Restaurant at Fairmont Royal Pavilion so incredibly special. Immersed in tropical plants, sheltered by majestic palm trees and views for days, it’s the most picture-perfect venue.

Create reels that will make your followers green with envy as you tuck into the live-fired meats and fish, each displayed in the most innovative ways. 

Perfect picture ideas:

The Decor 

  • Take a whimsical shot in front of the ocean views 
  • The large marble arches create the perfect Insta border 
  • Clink glasses for a boomerang from your oversized plush navy chairs with contrasting white tables for the perfect colour palette for the gram
  • The floral bouquets on the tables are the perfect reel material 

The Food 
  • The truffled fettuccine is social royalty 
  • The lobster cocktail with avocado and gribiche is art on a plate 
  • Try the molten chocolate cake for that video-perfect lava spill

Fairmont Royal Pavilion

Fairmont Royal Pavilion

Five-star dining at The Restaurant at The Sandpiper, Barbados

Torch-lit tropical gardens and tranquil koi pools set the scene at The Sandpiper, Barbados, for the most Insta-worthy fine-dining available on the island. The dishes are created with flair and look almost too good to eat. Not only will they make your social feeds pop, but they’ll also be an explosion of flavour for your taste buds, too. 

Perfect picture ideas:

The Decor 

  • Take a selfie on the white thatched terrace with lush green scenery in the background
  • The impressive main restaurant which is crisp and sleek
  • From the plush outdoor comfy seats
  • Selfies in front of the koi ponds 
  • Photoshoot in the lush gardens 
  • At your table, the long greenery imposing into the restaurant with pops of vibrant colours make the perfect candid image 

The Food 
  • Caribbean shrimp oozing out of a coconut 
  • The panko-crusted soft-shell crab is a masterpiece 
  • Desserts are too beautiful to eat, try the trio of passion fruit tartlet with sorbet mousseline 

The Sandpiper, Barbados

The Sandpiper, Barbados

The Lone Star Restaurant at Lone Star Boutique Hotel and Restaurant

The Lone Star Boutique Hotel and Restaurant is one of the most spectacular restaurants on the island thanks to its incredible views of, not only the ocean, but the most serene beach setting in Barbados. And with its strong competition, that’s no easy feat. Food is a fusion of European, Caribbean, British and Asian, so you’ll struggle to find something you don’t love. 

Perfect picture ideas:

The Decor 

  • Get a group picture or the perfect selfie on the terrace with the beach background 
  • Selfies on the majestic stairs
  • No filters are necessary on the beach in front of the restaurant 
  • Create an ambience next to the fire sticks 
  • Click classic cocktails in the plush bar

The Food 
  • The flying fish salad is a spectacle 
  • Carpaccio of pure black Angus beef fillet is incredible 
  • The jerk roasted cauliflower and zucchini fries are a dream 

The Lone Star Boutique Hotel

The Lone Star Boutique Hotel

The most instagrammable restaurants in Barbados FAQ’s

What are the best hotel restaurants in Barbados?
Sandy Lane is known worldwide for having the best of everything and the most luxurious and Instagrammable facilities, which extends to its dining too. Enjoy contemporary cuisine at L’Acajou with views to die for. The Lone Star Boutique Hotel and restaurant have the best views on the island, thanks to its beachfront location and sumptuous food.

Where do influencers eat in Barbados?
When you’re an influencer, it’s all about getting the perfect shot for your feed. You’ll find the best settings and art-on-a-plate at The Sandpiper, Barbados.

What’s the most Instagrammable food in Barbados?
The most Instagrammable food in Barbados is at the fine-dining restaurants like Fairmont Royal Pavilion, where you can try the national dish of flying fish. 

What makes Barbados dining so exciting?

The best way to explore the Bajan culture is through the culinary scene. Barbados is big on food, so whilst you’re there, you should take the time to experience as many classic dishes as possible. The food is flavoured with unique herbs and spices that give it that traditional Bajan kick. 

The main national dish is the flying fish, and cou-cou. The flying fish is actually one of Barbados’ national symbols. They will de-bone it, roll it, and then stew it in a delicious gravy, served with cou-cou, which is similar to polenta. You will also need to try the famous fish cakes, which are served all over the island, from the fine-dining restaurants to the rum shops!

You should try the pork dishes such as ‘pudding and souse’ too, which consists of meat and sweet potatoes - it may not sound like much, but once those Bajan flavours are on it, you’ll be dancing with happiness. 

Some staples you simply must try are the sweet potato fritters, plantain wrapped in bacon, okra with lime juice and christophine, which is a sugarless melon served with cheese. 

Don’t worry if you’ve got a sweet tooth; there’s plenty for you to sample. Try the tamarind balls, peanut brittle, and coconut bread – all of which are super indulgent. The Bajan-baked custard is mouth-watering, as is the chocolate icebox pudding. 

Treat yourself, you’re on holiday after all. 

Your holiday to Barbados will have your feed looking like a vibrant and luxurious dream, thanks to the colourful gardens, lush scenery, incredible sunsets, and the most sumptuous cuisine. But don’t take our word for it. 

For a food tour around the island, check out the ultimate Barbados luxury tours and explore all the Bajan cuisine you can – you’re welcome.

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