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A career that started at the tender age of 12; number 16 on his back, 14 years in the first team; 37 goals and five years as a loyal Winged Boots customer, Mark Noble’s numbers say it all. But forget the statistics… we grabbed a quick cuppa with the centre midfielder to find out what he’s really like on, and off, the pitch.

In an exclusive interview at Winged Boots HQ, Mark discusses his career highlights, favourite travel destinations and why he books his holidays through our team of personal travel managers. Click the video below to view the interview in full.

“Winged Boots makes travel a lot easier,” says Mark Noble. “Whenever I have booked with Winged Boots, we’ve always got to our destination and there’s been a car waiting and every hotel we’ve stayed at the team have tried to get us an upgrade. To be honest, I’m quite a loyal person. Dave’s always been alright, and the price has always been good so I’ve always stuck with Winged Boots.”

Always wondered whether Mark prefers city breaks or beach getaways? We asked all those important ‘would you rather’ questions below.

Lauren Godfrey

Lauren Godfrey is a Marketing Manager