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As Dubai is one of the most popular destinations with Winged Boots’ customers, we have a great relationship with Visit Dubai. Keeping us up to date with the city’s latest attractions, developments and exciting events, Visit Dubai is a key player in ensuring that Winged Boots delivers a fantastic stay in the emirate for every customer.

As always, Dubai is set to break even more world records with the upcoming opening of the Dubai Eye and the innovative shape-shifting, rotating sykscraper that's set to open in 2020. So if you thought that one visit to this emirate was enough, think again! The city is constantly developing and you'd be a fool to miss out. But, putting Dubai's ever-changing skyline aside, its restaurant and hotel scene is also a constant hub of development. From refurbishments and exciting menus to brand new resorts, we almost guarantee that no two visits to this emirate will ever be the same.

A hub of information, Visit Dubai provides relevant content, facts and figures on everything Dubai, from shopping guides through to restaurant recommendations. What’s more, the team share their extensive knowledge with our personal travel managers to ensure that we are delivering you the very latest information.
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