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Leading Hotels of the World

Leading Hotels of the World
Living well up to its name, the Leading Hotels of the World group really do brandish holiday resorts that stand out from the rest due to their superlative opulence. Specialising only in the crème de le crème of upmarket dwellings, choosing to holiday with one of these as your base is a choice that certainly won’t disappoint. Pitch up in grand hotels like the beautifully serene Bauer Palazzo in Venice, or Asia Gardens Hotel &Thai Spa in Alicante, savouring the exclusive service and surroundings as this brand deals in no less than luxury. Expect no gimmicks or flaws when booking with these guys, as the hotels on their roster are certainly a cut above the rest. 
Stay in one of 375 high-end holiday resorts with an eclectic array of rooms and suites for you to chill out and relax in. Each one of these are packed to the brim with excellent facilities such as sumptuous restaurants, wellness centres, kids’ clubs, and unique resort-run excursions. Why not preen and pamper at the amazing spas? They’re bursting with Jacuzzis and chiropractic experts to iron the creases out of your wellbeing with an expansive range of therapies, since your relaxation is priority for the Leading Hotels of the World. Or, why not enjoy a cocktail or two at the plethora of sophisticated and high-end bars? The world-class mixologists serve drinks that’ll create a real party in your palate.
These hotels are spread generously across the world, offering plentiful holiday destinations that provide seemingly infinite options for international luxe-holidaying. Though don’t expect the quantity to be at the expense of quality; the restaurants, leisure, and accommodations of these establishments are showered with five-star ratings, Michelin-stars and highly-respected awards ensuring complete satisfaction with your choice of stay at a Leading Hotels of the World resort.  
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