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Charlotte Ince

Administration Manager
I have worked for Winged Boots for eight years. No two days are the same and I really enjoy getting to know our clients and working closely with the personal travel agents. My favourite destination is Dubai. I’ve been seven times and my favourite hotel is Madinat Jumeirah.

The first song on my travel playlist is… Holiday by Madonna

After dark, I like to… make some shapes

My desert island item is… a toothbrush

Number one on my bucket list is… Bora Bora

My ideal travel companion would be… Emma Littlebury

My next holiday is to… Mexico


  • Window seat or aisle seat? Window
  • Hold luggage or carry-on? Carry on
  • City break or beach retreat? Beach
  • Water sports or afternoon golf? Watersports
  • Fine dining or rooftop bar? Rooftop bar
  • Family fun or a few days with the girls? Girls
  • Night out or evening in? Evening in
  • Sun or snow? Sun
  • Detox or drinks? Drinks
  • Spa or bar? Bar
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Charlotte Ince

Places Charlotte Ince has visited

Las Vegas

My visit to Sin City was simply amazing. Great food, great people and even better parties… it’s non-stop fun from touch-down.


Dubai isn’t just my favourite city, it’s my all-time favourite place in the world. Here I got to swim with sharks which is an experience I’ll always remember.


Thailand is such a beautiful place. My favourite part are the Phi Phi Island. Expect beautiful beach, top-dollar scuba diving experiences and a relaxed way of life. (Trust me, you won’t see a car)

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