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Dubai is home to more than a few world firsts. Some astonishing, some crazy and some utterly pointless – yes, we’re looking at you Dubai PD and your longest wheelie on a quad bike. However, 2020 is set to be ground-breaking for the emirate as it hosts the first world EXPO in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.

EXPO 2020, dubbed the ‘World’s Greatest Show’ is set to be a once-in-a-lifetime celebration where no two days will be the same thanks to a daily schedule of more than 60 shows and performances. Kicking off on 20th October 2020 and closing on 10th April 2021, there’s still plenty of time to book your holiday to Dubai to ensure you don’t miss out! 

But back to EXPO 2020. Global superstars are already on the bill to perform in the – yes, you’ve guessed it – world’s largest 360-degree projection dome and there’s a calendar of magical daily parades. What’s more, there’ll be more than 200 dining outlets from the world’s most celebrated chefs alongside 192 country pavilions with each offer something new and exciting.

The theme for the entire event is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating The Future’ with EXPO 2020 showcasing the world’s innovation, encouraging collaboration and celebrating human ingenuity, the interactive visits are sure to excite, educate and sate your imagination.

Historically, the world EXPO has seen the launch of some of the globe’s leading landmarks such as The Eiffel Tower and The Seattle Space Needle as well as some of technologies most advanced products of that era including the typewriter, the television, the lawnmower, the washing machine and the mobile phone. Oh, and let’s not forget the kitchen cupboard staple Heinz Tomato Ketchup that was also introduced in Philadelphia’s 1876 EXPO.
For 2020, there will be three themed pavilions: Opportunity Pavilion; Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion and Mobility Pavilion which combined will host 192 different countries including the UK, Finland, Japan, Italy, China and more. 

Pioneering that there is something for everyone from families through to couples, it’s foodies who will truly enjoy the diversity. With Dubai already championing hundreds of restaurants including worldwide chains, celebrity-chef outlets and unique one-of-a-kind experiences, it’s hard to believe that there’s an opportunity for more… but EXPO 2020 has defied our mind. Offering more than 30 ‘never-seen-before’ in Dubai dining concepts, if you’re a fan of futuristic dining and being at the forefront of change, then you certainly need to attend.

With robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality being brought to meals, the next world-first in the restaurant scene is bound to be composed here. Team this with food trucks, live culinary shows and a sprinkling of fine-dining restaurants and you certainly won’t go hungry.

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Lauren Godfrey

Lauren Godfrey is a Marketing Manager