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Think of America and we can guarantee one of the first images that springs to mind is of an American sport. Whether it be the nation’s number one favourite of American football (coming in at a 37 percent popularity), the celebrity-loving basketball or the typical high-school scene of baseball, the obsession with home-grown sport in the land of the free is not dwindling. The cluster of stadiums across the country proudly represent their sport and their home team, which makes a U.S sporting getaway even more tempting, with the chance to pound the pavements of some unchartered territory while you kit up ready to defend a team to the death. Think inspirational pep talks, dramatic slow motion runs and euphoric crowd cheers – all to be enjoyed in some of the most glittering cities across the pond. 


Madison Square Gardens
The Langham Place
Basketball is a way of life in New York, sitting on the priority list of residents alongside grabbing a cup of joe at Ground Support café in Soho and catching the latest exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Madison Square Gardens is the beacon of venues across the country and the New York Knicks are the rightful residents, which means a home game is an invigorating event to spectate. Let the merchandise salesman soak up your dollars as you buy giant foam thumbs and branded popcorn (because it’s a great souvenir if nothing else) and sit on the edge of your seat feeling a sense of loyalty with every basket scored… indulge in it though because by the time the clock strikes midnight you will return to a complete basketball amateur. 

Stay at: The Langham  Place

Only a brisk 12-minute walk from the evening’s activity at Madison Square Gardens, The Langham will welcome you back from an eventful night with contemporary interiors, and a minimalist colour palette, showing you the sleek New York style that makes this city so attractive. Tucked neatly in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue, padding out your days will not be a hard task, with opportunities for shopping, drinking and admiring all around you as well as a hotel spa to transport you to some tranquility after a guaranteed exciting game.  


The Oracle Park
The St Regis
The sport that inspired stunning films like The Blind Side and A League of Their Own is at home in this retro playground for the hip and famous. And baseball makes sure there’s no forgetting it’s historic roots with the Oracle Park, also known before as the AT & T Park, with its waterside location and breath-taking views - this is the kind of place that picks you straight up from reality and places you right into a classic scene of American competition, just fingers cross your team hits more than a few runs. Revel in the mess your chilli dog makes then tuck into a ballpark pretzel for desert or try one of the more unusual treats like savoury porcini doughnuts topped with raclette foam - quintessential unhealthy American food is a rite of passage here. When you’re not watching the San Francisco Giants - the stadium’s home team - battle for glory, time will run away with you instagramming the Golden Gate Bridge and basking in the delights of Pier 39. 

Stay at: The St Regis

This gem of contemporary luxury is in an ideal location, only 15-minutes’ walk away from the Oracle Park, in the industrial-turned-stylish SoMa neighbourhood of the city. Return from an action-packed game to a haven of comfort. Piers for departure to Alcatraz are nearby, a must-see when visiting The Golden City.


Jacksonville Jaguars
Four Seasons Resort Orlando
The game that us mere mortals over here in the UK will never truly be able to recognise as ‘football’, the National Football League is a way of life for Americans - dripping-cold beer in hand and pizza slices perched in front of the TV awaiting the end of the hunger countdown. Oh, and did we mention that one-kind-of huge deal that is the annual Super Bowl, where 1.3 billion chicken wings will be consumed across the country? NFL is a religion in the States, trust us. Here at Winged Boots we’ve partnered with the Jacksonville Jaguars to offer you exclusive access to game tickets and packages when you book an escape to the beaming sun and turquoise sea of Florida. Lap up the atmosphere and try your best to understand the rules in the TIAA Bank Field Stadium, where a new 5,500 seat Amphitheatre adds to the excitement of this downtown entertainment mecca. If you’re more of a city break-lover then what better place is there to soak up the atmosphere of the national favourite sport than in the second largest city, Los Angeles. The extravagant LA Memorial Coliseum is home to the Los Angeles Rams, three-time winners of the NFL, and the USC Trojans, the college football team of the University of Southern California. 

Stay at: Four Seasons Resort Orlando

Why not make an action-packed adventure of your NFL debut and stay at Walt Disney World Resort in the stunning Four Seasons? A easy two-and-a-half-hour drive to the TIAA Bank Field Stadium (in American terms that’s short) this collection of smouldering interiors and understated glamour is the perfect place to kick off your trainers and scroll through those social media-worthy videos from the game. Of course, you can't waste the fantastic location snug in amongst Disneyworld, covering 26 acres of gorgeous green vistas with the perfect view for the extravagant fireworks in the park.


The Peninsula
Something reserved for university varsities and end-of-shelf Disney films, ice hockey is an unlikely competitor in the arena of American sports. Is it even American? No, it’s Canadian ironically, with the National Hockey League played in North America which includes seven Canadian teams. You may dispute how American the sport is, but the competitive nature is definite- expect to see pucks shooting off the walls and sticks flying. The United Centre in Chicago is the place to see six-time champions, the Chicago Blackhawks, an exhilarating stop in your city schedule of browsing designer shops, walking over the threshold of museums and devouring Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

Stay at: The Peninsula

Hop in a cab from The Peninsula for a 15-minute ride through the twinkling lights of Downtown Chicago to arrive at The United Centre for your 60 minutes of thrilling entertainment – just don’t forget to find yourself a Blackhawks jersey before so you really fit in. Return to your hub of indulgence where top sights such as Cloud Gate and Willis Tower are a 10-minute drive away. Go ahead and treat yourself to the Peninsula Suite where the vistas of Lake Michigan from an outdoor whirlpool tub make for an unforgettable stay.

Has all this talk of touchdowns got you dreaming about where your next flight can touch down? Here at WB we don’t judge what sport is your personal favourite - although we’ll always support our Jacksonville Jaguars – and we’ll get you skating, running and bouncing straight to your next getaway. Whether it's experiencing the high life of New York City and trying to celeb-spot on the front row of a basketball game (note- Beyonce, The Beckhams and a LOT of Kardashians have been spotted) or braving the cold at a baseball match, the glittering lights of the huge scoreboard at the Oracle Park reflecting in your eager eyes. Enquire  here or call 0203 816 0985 to talk to a personal travel manager who can organise VIP treatment at your service that will have even the top sports players envious.
Ellena Rowlin

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